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Ansted Meeting
Join us to hear all the things the Town is currently working on and has accomplished in the last two years, and give us your ideas and what you'd like to see happen in your town!

Ansted instead.

Welcome to Ansted, West Virginia

David T. Ansted.jpg
David T. Ansted

Ansted is located at mile marker 104 of the famous Midland Trail Scenic Highway along the rim of the New River Gorge and serves as a gateway to the newest National Park & Preserve.   The Town of Ansted has a substantial history and multiple outdoor activity opportunities.  It has a growing business environment with many opportunities to offer.


Ansted, originally settled by squatters, was first incorporated on the 16th day of September in 1891.  It was named after David Thomas Ansted, a famous English geologist and author, who came to the area and realized the wealth to be found in these hills from the abundance of hardwood timber and rich seams of coal.  

Ansted Train Depot.jpg

Ansted has an approximate population of 1,404 making it a class IV municipality.  Municipal elections are held every 4 years on the first Tuesday in June with elected officials taking office on July 1st. Current officials took office July 1, 2021.

A town filled with caring citizens, Ansted has become known for its innovative approach to growth while maintaining its small-town appeal. With many trails, businesses, and an excess of history to see, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Ansted is located midway between Charleston and Lewisburg, and in its hay-day it was known as the “stopping-over” place for the stagecoaches as it was a two day journey from one city to the next.  U.S. Rt. 60, also known as Midland Trail, runs through the heart of Ansted and was very important in the early years of the town as this was the only road that ran between East and West. 

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